Dr. Gary Pranger

Associate Professor of History and Humanities


B.S. in English with a minor in History, Illinois State University
M.S. in the fields of American Intellectual and Cultural
History, East Asian History, American-Russian Relations,
Illinois State University
Ph.D., University of Illinois

Additional education:
40 hours of Chinese Language, History
and Culture at Beijing Language and Culture University,
People's Republic of China

Contact Information
phone: 918.495.6060
e-mail: gpranger@oru.edu


Faculty Profile

Words to Students

"Learn to be scholars for Jesus who stand for truth, justice, and God's way. Learn that it is God who does the extraordinary out of our ordinary ways and day.

I overcame minor physical disabilities in life, which had made me a lower achiever, introverted, and a victim of bullying. You can rise above impediments and any form of inferiority. Look upon God; be obedient to his call upon your life, even when you don't believe in yourself. God will give you the strength and ability. He will use you in other people's lives."