Fleta Buckles

Instructor of Humanities



B.A. in Music Performance, Oral Roberts University
M.A.in European History, University of Tulsa

Contact Information
phone: 918.495.6076
e-mail: fbuckles@oru.edu


Faculty Profile

Words to Students

"My love for humanities is enriching and worth imparting to the students. There is no boredom with this subject. It is important to love knowledge for knowledge's sake. Ceasing to love learning is like dying. There is a joy in knowing."

"I carry the same vision which ORU represents: the education which embodies the whole person. This education is essential in developing students with a balanced experience, so that they can use their special gifts for God's glory. Whatever you do, do it unto the Lord. Do it with all your might, heart, soul and body. Be conscious of time and how quickly it passes. Psalm 90:12 says, 'Lord, teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.' The older you get, the more serious you become about life. Suddenly you ask yourself: 'how much time have I wasted?' Make wise use of your time, especially in the face of eternity. Take note that we all have a holy calling. It is a vocation from God. It is a responsibility for us to fulfill it. You can never be happy until you understand it, see it, and live it. Ready yourself to effectively utilize your time while you are here. It is a limited window of opportunity. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn, grow and challenge yourself. Don't choose only effortless ambitions."