Felipe Ornelas

Instructor of Humanities





M.A., Oral Roberts University
B.S., Oral Roberts University

Contact Information
phone: 918.495.6074
e-mail: fornelas@oru.edu


Faculty Profile

Words to Students

"Students should develop a passion for studying Greek and Roman civilization, the rise of modern culture, and the various worldviews which comprise the 21st century world. It helps students to develop a historical perspective of the ancient and modern world. Additionally, students should get involved in every man's world while they are still at ORU. Make formal relationships with people from different worldviews and backgrounds. Do not wait until after graduation. God can use students right now where they are. Practice hearing God's voice and let the voice of God speak to you while you are still here. Take advantage of trips to cultural and historical places. These trips open doors to new experiences and the opportunity to build relationships with people from different cultures.

At times we wonder how God will use our abilities and passions for one vocation. God is much able to use it all in ways unimaginable. You can trust Him to totally fulfill all you dreams and goals. Our graduates should be at the frontlines of history, as Spirit-empowered leaders. Whether working with non-governmental organizations, in international relations or with the government, be at the front lines."