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English and Modern Languages

The ability to communicate well in writing is a skill that is highly valued across a wide range of careers and academic pursuits. When you earn a bachelor degree in the English or writing programs, you gain skills you can use as a professional writer, editor, publisher or teacher. You will also be prepared to work in public relations, journalism, advertising, government service and business or undertake graduate work in law, library science, medicine or theology.

A few of the most appealing features of our program include:

  • Attend special seminar courses such as C.S. Lewis and the Inklings, Early Christian Writing, Women's Literature and American Nature Writing. 

  • Study abroad for a semester or a year, perhaps at Oxford or Cambridge.

  • Attend workshops and readings by professional poets and fiction writers and participate in annual literary workshops and events.

  • Get experience with the latest computer programs so you can build web pages and undertake technical writing tasks.

  • Publish in the literary journal Promethia and/or present your work at four poetry readings at a local cafe.

  • Join the English Club "The Pentangle" or the English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta.