Convergence Journalism

Bachelor of Science Degree

Program Overview

The convergence journalism is one of the four major concentration areas in the media major. The goals of the media  major are to:

  • Develop skills in production and dissemination of material through the mass media (television, film, Web and journalism) which provide a foundation on which to build specific career skill

  • Provide a base for a wide range of vocational experiences in media centering on production, direction and management

  • Provide appropriate preparation for graduate study

Journalism Concentration Overview

"The greatest aspect of my convergence journalism major is the opportunity to learn about a variety of areas in the world of media. My professors have a great deal of experience in the field and offer great insight when relaying their expertise to us students."

Abigail Marten

Student: Abigail

Major: Media Major with concentration in Convergence Journalism
Tulsa, OK

ORU's media major in convergence journalism provides the best of theory and hands-on learning opportunities to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing media industry. The program trains students how to collect information and produce it for a variety of media platforms, from print publications such as newspapers and magazines to broadcast outlets on television, radio and Internet. Today's workforce requires journalists to be flexible and proficient in each medium, and this major has been updated to equip graduates to be competitive in entering the competitive career field.

Students can learn how to: report and write news and feature stories that meet professional standards; produce radio and television broadcasts that reach live audiences beyond ORU; publish a newspaper and magazine serving the ORU community; develop an online breaking news presence for 24/7 delivery on the Web; meet fast-paced deadlines while maintaining accuracy and ethical standards.


A concentration in convergence journalism can lead to a career as:

  • News reporters
  • News producers
  • Assignments editors
  • Magazines and publishing
  • Online media
  • News reporters
  • News producers
  • Assignments editors
  • Television and radio anchors and hosts
  • Voice-over announcers and narrators
  • TV news photographers

What Do You Have To Look Forward To?

Story production, editorials, copy editing, headlines, photo captions, page layouts, reaching radio, television and live audiences...jump in and get your hands dirty...experience convergent journalism. Want more real-life opportunities? Join the ORU student newspaper, The Oracle or the staff of the Perihelion, the ORU yearbook.

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