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Communication, Arts and Media

This department includes everything from dance performance and multimedia production majors to convergence journalism, advertising media, musical theatre and more. It is a broad department that encompasses some of the most exciting disciplines that are vital to success in today's most in demand career markets.

students in MMI lab Some of the department's most compelling features include:

  • As a multi-media production major, you'll participate in mini practicums and gain skills in film/video production and editing; audio multi-track recording, remixing and sound effects; scriptwriting and TV/film criticism; Web/DVD creation; and production facility design.

  • As a public relations or advertising media student, you'll have the opportunity to participate in statewide writing and/or design competitions.

  • As a convergence journalism media major, you'll get lots of hands on experience writing and editing news and feature stories; producing radio and TV broadcasts that reach live audiences; developing an online breaking news presence on the Web; and publishing a newspaper and magazine serving the ORU community.

  • As a drama, television and film performance major, you'll participate in at least six live performance opportunities in addition to your media project each year.

  • As a theatre arts major, you'll experience all areas of the theatre from design and technology to stage management and live performance.

  • As a musical theatre major, you'll be trained equally in theatre, music and dance so you'll have a distinct advantage when looking for employment.

  • As a speech and theatre major, you'll earn your teaching license through ORU's school of education which is accredited by the highest rated accrediting board in the nation. You'll also enjoy our department's own, fully staffed, state-of-the-art educational technology lab.

  • As a dance major, you'll train with guest dance artists who teach classes and set repertoire for ORU dancers. Your dance program includes bi-annual dance concerts; local and national performance opportunities; dance missions; and apprentice experiences in dance companies, studios and within the community.