Communication Arts Education Major

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Program Overview

Communication Arts Education majors are preparing to teach middle and high school students by exploring drama, media, speech and debate along with educational methods and have access to the Education Technology Lab at ORU's NCATE accredited College of Education.

An ORU Communication Arts Education Major will experience

"I find nothing more rewarding than using God-given gifts and talents to invest into the next generation of world changers.  As a CAE major, not only do I enjoy being a part of both the Arts and Education communities here on campus, I have been challenged to reach my fullest potential as I prepare to become the artist and educator God has called me to be.  As an ORU student, you are not only preparing for a career, but are being positioned to fulfill your destiny." 

Marie Aloyd Ruano

Major: Communication Arts Education
Hometown: Sanford, FL

  • Improvisational and sketch acting
  • Designing and building sets
  • Designing and sewing costumes
  • Auditioning
  • Casting and directing a play
  • Producing for television
  • Debating, dramatic reading and tournament judging
  • Speech writing and delivery
  • Dance
  • Developing educational aids via technology
  • Methods for teaching exceptional students
  • Methods for teaching those for whom English is a second language
  • Methods for managing a classroom
  • Observing, working and networking at four local schools
  • A semester of intern teaching

Software skills acquired

  • Photo Shop
  • Photo Manager
  • Non-linear PowerPoint
  • Computer Assisted Design
  • Smart Board
  • Digital video and still cameras to loan
  • Video editing
  • Movie Maker


CAE graduates from ORU are extremely successful at passing the tests to become licensed to teach secondary communication. Each graduate is eligible to attain teaching licenses in other fields by passing additional tests. Graduates have earned a degree in communications and may work in a variety of fields including acting, television, radio, church drama, publishing, law and business.

What Do You Have to Look Forward To?

Being immersed in both communication and education classes...working with your hands to both create sets and lesson plans, and meeting some of the most talented people on campus.

Course Offerings Include

  • Announcing
  • Drama/TV/Film Performance
  • Acting
  • Introduction to Theatre
  • Technical Production
  • Forensics
  • Debate and Tournament Directing
  • Theatre History
  • Argumentation and Persuasion
  • Directing
  • Improvisation
  • Dance
  • Advanced Public Speaking
  • Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature
  • Model United Nations
  • Costume Design
  • Theatrical Scene Design
  • Christian Worldview
  • Mass Media Communication
  • Television Production
  • Field Based Experience/Practicum
  • Foundations and Methods of Education
  • School Health Care
  • Pedagogy
  • Student Teaching
  • Methods of Teaching Communication Arts

 Degree Plan


Assistant Professor Denise Miller