Beverly Garrison

Assistant Professor of History





B.A., Oral Roberts University
M.A., University of Tulsa
Ph.D. (all but dissertation), University of Oklahoma

Contact Information
phone: 918.495.6070


Faculty Profile

Words to Students

"I love teaching; it is a joy to contribute towards a person's faith and ability to succeed in life. Academics and faith are great values. Students need a strong academic background, especially in the tools of research and writing. They should also hold the feeling that God is with them, and they should continue to rely on Him."

"Think for yourself. Be well informed and make intelligent decisions. Value, learn and build from what other people have done for themselves. Keep records of what people tell you; it enhances communication. Have a knowing that people love you and are interested in you – academically and as a person. Listen to people who love you. Know how important people are. Value the people around you and their time. You will not regret it later. Recognize the blessings that God brings your way; people are the blessing that God brings your way. Be open to opportunities and take time. Dr. Oral Roberts said, 'We miss important moments because we are not listening. And we do not expect them, because we are busy. We are not even aware of them.' Open up. Here at ORU are professors who care for you."