Doctor of Education

Doctoral Degree (Ed.D.) Overview

Professionalism. Morality. Ethics. Compassion. Leadership. A great teacher or administrator does not just teach or manage, but helps students and faculty become better individuals. The Graduate School of Education at ORU is committed to providing the opportunity for individuals responding to the call of God to become "transformed professional Christian educators." Educational training from a Christian world view is the best way to achieve this important goal, and that is what you will receive in the ORU Graduate School of Education -- the knowledge, skills, and inspiration base to help influence and transform lives. This program, designed around the theme "Transformed Educators", prepares professional Christian educators to go into every person's world with a passion for Christ while instilling strengths of ethical behavior, knowledge, and competence in their students who will, in turn, change society. An ORU Graduate School of Education degree provides the opportunity for individuals who hold Christian principles to gain advanced preparation for professional responsibilities in education throughout the world.

All of our programs are designed for the adult distance learner. The primary delivery system for the course offerings has become an intensive, but enjoyable 4-day module class format. These modules have extensive pre and post assignments, simulations and dynamic in-class discussions. A unique strength of the program is that the students contribute national and international perspectives.

Core Courses

All doctoral students are required to take the following core courses: Organizational Theory in Administration, History & Philosophy of Education, Leadership Studies, Strategies for Educational Change, and Contemporary Curriculum Issues. These cores courses are designed to assist the student in completing the doctoral comps.

Areas of Concentration

College & Higher Education Administration
This degree is a preparation for persons who are currently involved in or who are planning to enter some type of administrative position in higher education. This is an educational degree specifically designed to develop administrative skills for leadership positions in college and university settings.

College & Higher Education Administration Course Offerings

  • Organization & Administration of College and Higher Education
  • Governance and History of College and Higher Education
  • Resource Development
  • Characteristics of the Adult Learner
  • Education in the Adult Life Span
  • Comparative Education

Public School Administration
The public school administration program is designed for the college graduate interested in serving as a superintendent or school administrator in an elementary, middle school, or secondary setting. The public school administration track also offers a set of courses and competencies which meet requirements for State of Oklahoma certification for public school superintendent of schools.

Public School Administration Course Offerings

  • Legal Issues in Education
  • School Facility Planning and Management
  • Legal, Political, & Ethical Issues in Education
  • Finance in Education
  • Human Resources in Education
  • The Superintendency

Christian School Administration
The Christian school administration program is designed for the college graduate interested in serving as a superintendent, principal or school administrator in an elementary, middle school, or secondary setting on a Christian or private campus. Certification is an option for the Christian/private school concentration. Preparation for leadership in private, Christian schools provides an in-depth study of the philosophy affecting organization and administration of schools, and extensive practical training is provided through clinical experiences.

Christian School Administration Course Offerings

  • Organization and Administration of Christian Schools
  • Resource Development
  • School Facility Planning and Management
  • Issues in Education
  • Educational Leadership, Supervision, & Evaluation


Those seeking a Doctor of Education Degree can find a range of career options. Some areas are:

  • University president
  • University dean
  • University department chair
  • University professors
  • Superintendents
  • Principal
  • Administrators

ORU Distinguishing Features

Unit Theme
Transformed Educators ". . . be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind . . ." Romans 12:2. The ORU College of Education is dedicated to producing "Transformed Educators." The school desires to develop and train future educators as teachers, principals, superintendents and other professional school personnel who have been transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and who demonstrate the character and dispositions of Christian values, ethics and moral integrity. The College of Education also desires to develop students as transformed professional educators who know and demonstrate the content, pedagogical and professional knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to help all students learn and to be educational leaders.
Unit Vision
Transforming Society, The Miracle Ahead, A Transformed Generation "Ye have not chosen me ... I have chosen you and ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain."- John 15:16. As a student in this program, you will be trained on how to become an education professional who will go into every person's world....into public, private, Christian and home schools as a transformed educator. Transformed educators will make such an impact that they will be catalysts for transforming society, which in turn will help transform the next generation.
Unit Mission
Preparing Professional Christian Educators to go into Every Person's World
You will be trained, alongside of other Individuals who hold Christian principles, by participating in initial and advanced study that prepares you for professional public and private responsibilities in the field of education throughout the world.


Degree Plan for College & Higher Education Administration


Degree Plan for Public School Administration


Degree Plan for Christian School Administration



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