Oral Roberts University

college of education


Conceptual Model Welcome to the Oral Roberts University College of Education accreditation website. With a commitment to educating the mind, spirit, and body, Oral Roberts University's education program has proven to develop "Transformed Educators" in accordance with the whole person mission. Since 2001, ORU has maintained the highest level of accreditation through the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Preparation, now CAEP, and remains nationally recognized for its rigorous programs at both the initial and advanced preparation levels. Additionally, the College of Education continues to instruct its candidates using state, professional, and institutional standards and best practices in education.

In preparation for an accreditation visit scheduled for September of 2014, the Oral Roberts University College of Education faculty and staff have carefully and thoughtfully assessed the academic quality of the unit and prepared 175 artifacts for review. In addition to meeting the unit's institutional standards and state standards, each artifact is aligned with one of the six NCATE standards: Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Professional Dispositions; Assessment System and Unit Evaluation; Field Experiences and Clinical Practice; Diversity; Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development; Unit Governance and Resources. Each standard contains corresponding exhibits in the order in which they appear within the Institutional Report. For this reason, some documents appear more than once.