Get To Know US COB

Contact Information for the College of Business Advisors

If you would like more information on specific programs or majors, please contact the following faculty:

Dean Dr. Julie Huntley 918.495.7040
Chair of Graduate Business Dr. Marshal Wright 918.495.6988
Chair of Undergraduate Business Dr. James Russell 918.495.6551
Accounting Mr. Ray Gregg 918.495.6561
Business Administration Mr. Bill Elliott 918.495.7114
Finance Mr. Jonathan Wiley 918.495.6491
International Business Dr. Kevin Schneider 918.495.6563
Management Dr. David Burkus 918.495.6571
Marketing Mrs. Rebecca Gunn 918.495.6562
International Business and Ministry Mr. Bruno Teles 918.495.6007
Quantitative Business Administration Dr. Ardith Baker 918.495.6669