Assessment Statistics

The College of Business believes in continuous improvement. To assist in this quest a variety of benchmarking assessment tools are utilized. The following data demonstrates how the ORU College of Business compares to other 4 year academic institutions.

College of Business Retention

Student Satisfaction

ORU uses national consultant Noel-Levitz to measure satisfaction and provide comparison data for benchmarking. The following comments demonstrate how the College of Business students rate their educational experience as compared to a national sample of students from 4 year private institutions of higher learning. In all cases the ORU business students scored higher than the average for the sample. Items were scored on a 7 point scale.

  4-year Private ORU COB
Faculty care about me 5.42 5.74
Faculty available after class/office 5.60 5.86
Faculty provide feedback in class 5.16 5.39
Major requirements clear and reasonable 5.51 5.65
Instruction in major field excellent 5.55 5.91
Major course content valuable 5.60 5.64


The ORU College of Business utilizes the Major Field Area Test (MFAT) of Educational Testing Services (ETS) to assess comparison scores with a national sample. Seven assessments have been completed during the spring semesters between 2006-2012. The average score for ORU business students on these assessments is 81.57% which exceeds the goal of being in the top 20% of the nation.


Enactus, formerly Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), conducts regional, national and international competitions. In its first five years as a chapter, the ORU Enactus team has won three regional competitions and advanced to the national Top 20 twice. ORU Enactus was first runner up to the national champion in the round of twenty in 2012, placing them in the top 8 chapters in the nation. ORU won the Campbell's Soup LET'S CAN HUNGER competition in 2011 and won the Enactus national award CAN'T NEVER COULD in 2012.