BFA in ART: Studio Art Specialization

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Program Overview

The creative act is an intense engagement of God’s world. Artists show us what has been hidden, challenge facades and open us to a fuller awareness of being. In this vein, ORU provides excellent education in various artistic processes to develop the next generation of Spirit-filled artists. The BFA in Art: Studio Art Specialization is designed to prepare students to enter into a professional artistic practice or Graduate school for further preparation. The structure of the degree gives a foundation in all disciplines and lets the student choose a 2-d or 3-d discipline to focus their upper division coursework. Degree candidates will develop a personal voice and understanding of their role as artists in the contemporary world.

The Freshman Year

All freshman students interested in a the BFA program will enter in their declared major of choice as a candidate. After the successful completion of the first year curriculum, students will have the opportunity to be admitted into a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program by a portfolio review. For students choosing to not pursue a BFA, they will remain as a BA in Art major.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

The BFA degree is a highly structured, pre-professional approach to Visual Arts studies is divided up into areas of specialization: Art Education, Graphic Design and Studio Art. In addition to the university requirements, each area has specific criteria and procedures for admission. Upon acceptance, students work in and out of the classroom as evaluated by area specific faculty at the end of each semester. The BFA degree enables undergraduate students to realize their professional and artistic goals as well as gain practical art, design and education experience.


Art Education (ARTE), Graphic Design (GRD) and Studio Art (STA) majors have a Design Technology Requirement, applicable prior to beginning ART 107 Digital Fundamentals. The requirement for Graphic Design majors is necessary for all remaining design courses. 


ORU offers several scholarships for current students. Please visit Financial Assistance site for more information. A scholarship of particular interest to art majors is the Gloria B. Scholarship Fund.  

ORU Art Programs Talent Award Scholarships are renewable for up to four years in amounts ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 per year. Eligible applicants must be an incoming freshman or transfer student. Recipients must remain an art education, graphic design or studio art major and maintain a 2.5 GPA. Application Procedure:

  • Create a digital portfolio with a minimum of ten (10) examples of your best work. Recommended sites for no-cost portfolio hosting include Carbonmade and Behance.
  • Write a letter stating why you want to major in art at ORU. Please mention any awards or honors you have received.
  • Complete the online application with a link to your online portfolio site and your letter. Application Deadline is March 1 yearly.

In recognition of scholarship, artistic ability, leadership, and ORU lifestyle commitment, the art program annually honors outstanding students by the presentation of awards for Outstanding Graduating Senior Art Student of the Year given in the following areas: BFA in ART: art education, graphic design, and studio art specializations and BA in Art.


The school provides student use of facilities for painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and digital graphic design.

  • The Douglass Latta Computer lab with drawing tablets, video cameras, digital still cameras and lenses, audio-video projection system, a color laser printer and a large format inkjet color printer. Additional adjacent spaces house multiple Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, 3D printers, laser and vinyl cutters.
  • Three ceramic kilns, glaze room
  • Painting and Drawing studio
  • Art education classroom
  • Etching, relief press and print shop
  • Sculpture shop with welding, casting equipment
  • Teaching Gallery

With a BFA degree in Studio Art Specialization some career options include:

  • Art administrator
  • Arts instructor
  • Gallery manager
  • Illustrator
  • Museum worker
  • Photographer
  • Restorer
  • Web designer
  •  Fine artist
  •  Painter
  •  Sculptor
  •  Ceramist
  •  Commercial artist
  •  Accessory Designer
  •  Animator
  •  Art Director
  •  Printmaker artist
  •  Installation artist
  •  Environmental artist
  •  Sequential artist
  •  Art Historian
  •  Art Leadership
  •  Gallery curator
What Do You Have To Look Forward To?

Roll up your sleeves and explore color, materials, surfaces, concepts, design, form, composition, methods and artistic style in the course of completing various art projects in a variety of media. Discover your own individual expression as a Christian artist.


Each year the art programs hosts several events, including a thematic show, an annual student show, and multiple senior project shows throughout each semester. Design students produce promotional graphics, videos and web sites for select campus events, as well as client driven contract assignments for non-profit and community organizations. Tours of area museum expand the breadth and nature of the educational experience for students. Requires internships and student teaching assignments finalize professional competencies and conclude the degree program.


The ORU art program is proud to sponsor of ORU Artist Club. It is the only art club on the campus to provide an opportunity for art students to connect with their community and grow within a creative environment. The ORU Artist Club facilitates opportunities for art students and to serve others through art-related outreach, such as community-building events, and collaborative art-making events. Membership is open to current ORU students who have a passion for the arts, are creative and want to push the boundaries and make positive arts experiences for others.


  • Fundamentals of Art I & II
  • Art History I - IV
  • Ceramics I-III
  • Painting I-III
  • Printmaking I-III
  • Digital Fundamentals
  • Art and Professionalism
  • Cotemporary Forms
  • Studio Art Internship
  • Drawing I-IV
  • Figure Drawing
  • Illustration I & II
  • Watercolor
  • Digital Photography I & II
  • Web Design


Degree Plans

Current degree plan for this major is available for download.


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