Program Overview

Students interested in law choose an appropriate major, usually history or government and add the prelaw concentration or minor. However, other majors such as English, sociology, business or languages are also good choices for prelaw students to select in order to develop conceptual, analytical, reading comprehension, writing and research skills so essential to law study.

A faculty member in the History, Humanities, Government Department serves as the university-wide prelaw advisor for every prelaw student, regardless of selected major. The prelaw advisor is responsible for planning the prelaw course of study, which is individually tailored to meet each student's specific career goals. The prelaw advisor has information about a wide variety of law schools in all parts of the country and meets regularly with each prelaw student to discuss the student's academic progress.

Degree Requirements

All pre-professional programs at ORU start with a general set of courses based on the admission requirements of several representative schools in that field. In addition to those courses, a prelaw student, with the help of the prelaw advisor, may choose additional courses from the following:

  • American Jurisprudence
  • American Constitutional Law
  • Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Trial Advocacy
  • Legal Policy and Process
  • Business Law I
  • Business Law II

Internship Opportunities

Tulsa law firms
Alliance Defending Freedom
State Legislative offices (Oklahoma City)
Congressional Offices (Tulsa and Washington D.C.)