BFA in Theatre: Musical Theatre Track

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Program Overview

The ambition of the BFA in Musical Theatre program at ORU is to develop the talents of the “triple threat” – one who successfully sings, dances, and acts in theatre. Although they share the same core curriculum with the other theatre majors, BFA in Musical Theatre candidates spend much of their time studying with the ORU Music Department and Dance program, developing a specific skill set in each area.  The BFA degree is a highly structured, pre-professional approach to Theatre studies. In addition to the university requirements, each area has specific criteria and procedures for admission.  Upon acceptance, students work in and out of the classroom is evaluated by area specific faculty at the end of each semester. The BFA degree enables undergraduate students to realize their professional and artistic goals as well as gain practical theatre experience. The BFA in Musical Theatre provides the students with a foundation on which they can build experiences in professional and semi-professional productions, most notably in musical theatre, opera, and dance ensembles.  Successful graduates will gain a positive, professional, and dedicated approach to their work as musical theatre artists.

The Freshman Year

All freshman students interested in pursuing a BFA degree in Theatre will enter the program declared in the BFA track they wish to pursue as a candidate.  In the spring of their freshman year, after exploring all areas of the theatre core, the student will have the opportunity to be admitted into a BFA program by either a portfolio review (BFA - Design and Theatrical Production or Teaching Certification emphasis), or audition (BFA - Acting or Musical Theatre emphasis).  For students choosing to not pursue a BFA, they will remain a Theatre major in the liberal arts BA program.


At ORU, BFA Musical Theatre Students will experience:
  • Classes in theatre, music and dance
  • Acting classes
  • Acting/Performance opportunities for Main Stage Productions
  • Performance opportunities in music and dance
  • Music theory, harmony, phonetics and sight singing
  • Seminar from alumni and guest artists
  • Audition training
  • Dance technique including ballet, jazz, tap and theatre dance
  • Choreography classes
  • Theatrical directing
  • Theatrical make-up

A BFA degree in musical theatre leads to careers in:

  • Professional Musical Theatre
  • Education
  • Professional Music Industry
  • Community development
  • Communication
  • Professional Dance Industry

Whether a student is pursuing acting, theatrical production, design, directing, or producing, they will obtain the necessary skills through their experiences and study in the ORU theatre program.  Students participate in national auditions and have gained graduate school placement at Rutgers University, Northern Illinois University, the University of Arkansas, Savannah College of Art and Design, and the University of Missouri Kansas City, just to name a few.  In addition, our current students and alumni have appeared on Broadway, film, television, and in major regional theatres across the country.    

What Do You Have To Look Forward To?

Developing your imagination and creative potential through a blend of experiences and projects in a range of venues...acting, music, dance and communications.


Theatre program auditions are held on Friday afternoons of College Weekend in November and March. 

Students interested in theatre scholarships are asked to prepare one 90 second monologue or provide a design portfolio, if interested in the theatre technology areas. Both auditions and portfolio reviews will be followed by an with an interview with the ORU theatre faculty. To schedule and audition, please complete the Request to Audition for a Talent Scholarship Form.

For musical theatre, please provide one song from the musical theatre repertoire. Auditions for the musical theatre program are scheduled via the ORU Music Department.


Course Offerings Include
  • Introduction to Theatre
  • Acting Courses including Improvisation, Acting I and Acting for Musical Theatre
  • Stagecraft
  • Directing
  • Playwriting
  • Survey of Applied Theatre
  • Makeup Design
  • Intro to Theatrical Design
  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Opera Theatre & Vocal Coaching
  • Harmony
  • Sight Singing
  • Phonetics for Singers
  • Musical Theatre History
  • Dance Courses including Ballet, Modern Dance, & Related Dance Forms


Degree Plans

Current degree plan for this major is available for download.

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