Music Composition

Bachelor of Music

Program Overview

The Music Department at ORU places a strong emphasis on imparting music's past, present and future prospects to its students within a Christian, charismatic environment. As part of the ongoing process to provide a comprehensive undergraduate foundation in music, the Music Department purposes to: 

  • Provide opportunities for students to develop their music capabilities and interests through the use of music as a socializing force, as an aid to compassionate understanding of themselves and their environment and as an avenue of self-expression
  • Stimulate an appreciation and love for music through the study of its various disciplines
  • Develop techniques for mature evaluation of musical standard

"I chose this degree in order to develop as a songwriter. However, I have learned so much more than I had ever hoped. Learning the theory behind why music works the way it does has been an invaluable experience for me and has shaped my writing more than anything else.

"Having faculty who truly believe in the students is incredible, and it really has impacted my life and my future deeply."

Student: Thomas
Music Composition
Hometown: Glenpool, OK

Music Composition Major

ORU's music composition major provides the opportunity for students to express and develop their creative talents and abilities. With the music performance major, students have the opportunity to choose between a concentration in composition or technology.

Concentration Areas

In the composition concentration, students focus on compositional techniques and on the organization of musical ideas into logical and homogenous form. Composition in small forms and original creation of small forms in both classical chamber music and jazz is encouraged. Equal musical craftsmanship is expected in both genres. Additionally, styles and techniques of 20th century music are explored. In this concentration the student will compose several semester projects using not fewer than three instruments and applying techniques studied.

Composition Technology
The concentration in composition technology provides an in-depth study of concepts, equipment and techniques associated with the modern electronic music studio. Composition technology encompasses most aspects of MIDI as well as dedicated music software, power user techniques, current trends, hardware and information resources. Other focuses of this concentration include notation, film scoring, sequencing, sampling and controllers.

Music majors must demonstrate continuous growth in ability. Recitals are regularly presented, affording students opportunities to appear as soloists. As with all ORU seniors, music majors are required to prepare a culminating activity: a recital, a project or a paper. This activity will be selected with the direction of their advisor according to the specific music program enrolled.

Student Societies, Clubs and Extracurricular opportunities

Collegiate Music Educators National Conference (CMENC)
CMENC is an organization that focuses on music education but is open to all music majors. It sponsors many of the music activities that occur on and off campus and is a great networking tool for any person who desires a career in music.
Mu Phi Epsilon
Mu Phi Epsilon is an international co-ed music fraternity that emphasizes the brotherhood and sisterhood of musicians.


With a degree from the ORU Music Department you will be equipped for teaching in public and private schools, teaching in private studios, performing in professional music organizations, working in related music fields and church ministries. Additionally you will acquire an adequate background for further study in graduate schools.

Course Offerings
  • Applied Music: Primary  and Composition                                                      
  • Performance Groups                                      
  • Oratorio Chorus                                            
  • Music Seminar                                                  
  • Harmony                                                         
  • Sight Singing and Ear Training                       
  • Form and Analysis                                        
  • Orchestration                                              
  • Conducting                                                  
  • Principles of Counterpoint                          
  • Piano Proficiency                                         
  • Music Vocabulary Proficiency                      
  • Applied Music: Secondary
  • Class Piano
  • Class Voice
  • Brass and Percussion Instruments
  • Woodwind Instruments
  • String Instruments
  • Composition Concentration Course Offerings
  • Composition: Small Ensembles
  • 20th Century Composition Materials
  • Composition: Advanced Studies - Ensemble 
  • Composition/Technology Concentration Course Offerings
  • Studies in Advanced Music Technology
  • Sequencing and Digital Audio
  • Music Rich Media
  • Music Technology Practicum

Degree Plan

Degree Plan with Music Technology concentration

Admission to the music program requires a separate application with the music department and an audition. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the university by the Admissions Office; they will be notified of acceptance as a music major by the Music Department. Download a copy of the music major application here.