History, Humanities & Government

2015 College of Arts and Cultural Studies - History, Humanities and Government Brochure

Mission Statement

History, humanities, and government are vital for enabling students to understand who they are in our modern context. For our students to understand who they are, they have to begin to understand and value our past. Our work is to give them a foundation in humanities, history, government, international relations, and community development work so as to contribute and make an impact on their world. Leaders, change agents, and difference makers--both national and international--are developed through academics and mentoring; we teach students, not just subjects. To accomplish this end, we have to cultivate our own horizons into a collegial teaching ministry, led by the Spirit, founded on Judeo-Christian traditions, and presented in a Charismatic/Christian worldview.

Degree Programs

Majors and minors offered through this department are excellent preparation for students planning to implement the founding purpose of Oral Roberts University--to go into every person's world, as well as to practice professions such as law, government, business, journalism, teaching or any field requiring knowledge of an ability to evaluate national and world events.



  • Prelaw
  • Humanities
  • Government 
  • International Relations
  • History
  • Israel and Middle East Studies



U. S. "Sonny" Branham
Assistant Professor of Government

Dr. Ruby Libertus
Assistant Professor of International Relations

Fleta Buckles
Instructor of Humanities

Felipe G. Ornelas
Instructor of Humanities

Dr. William Curtis Ellis
Department Chair
Associate Professor of Government

Dr. Gary Pranger
Associate Professor of History
and Humanities

Beverly Garrison
Assistant Professor of History

Dr. John Swails III
Professor of History

Dr. Solomon Hailu
Associate Professor of International
Community Development

Dr. Paul S. Vickery
Professor of History

Gary L. Kern
Instructor of Humanities


Student Organizations, Societies, and Clubs

Each year our program sends highly qualified and energetic students to events where they consistently earn numerous awards and recognition. ORU provides a variety of government-oriented clubs, organizations and activities for students with a passion to experience government in action.

Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature (OIL)
Equips all majors with the knowledge and experience to work within government and includes a five-day competition at the Oklahoma state capitol.

Model United Nations (MUN)
A mock United Nations assembly attended each year by ORU students as representatives of different nations. Diplomatic and research skills are highlighted.

Mock Trial
Courtroom simulation that teaches trial advocacy skills with students assuming the roles of both witness and attorney. Students handle motions, give opening statements, lead direct and cross examine, and prepare closing argument.

Model Arab League
A regional competition where students from several universities learn about and compete as representatives from member states of the Arab League. Students use the experience to hone their skills in public speaking and diplomacy, in addition to learning about the politics and history of the Arab world.

Phi Alpha Theta
Honor Society for history and social studies education majors with honors standing.

Christian Legal Society
A resource for law school-bound undergraduate students, hosting speakers and events discussing today's legal issues and providing opportunities for LSAT preparation.

College Republicans, College Democrats, College Libertarians
Three clubs that provide opportunities for discussions, special speakers, and volunteering with political parties and political campaigns.

International Relations and Development Organization
Explores and discusses major issues dealing with American foreign policy and international development. Activities include hosting guest speakers and offering career readiness workshops.

Global Crisis Simulation
A one day event in which a group of students along with HHG faculty plan a secret global/regional crisis where students divide into countries or groups to deal with the crisis. Past simulations have focused on an international hijacking, an attack on an international school in Pakistan, a major natural disaster in South East Asia, a nuclear issue initiated by North Korea, and a global nuclear crisis.

Special Activities and Opportunities

  • Study abroad for a semester and gain valuable international experience while earning credits toward your degree.
  • Obtain practical experience by volunteering on campaigns or working in one of many high level government internships.
  • Enhance your speaking skills by presenting at conferences.
  • Prepare to pursue a juris doctorate degree by enrolling in our prelaw program. 


Each year students from our department have the opportunity to organize, attend, and compete in a variety of activities. Upcoming events include:

  • November - Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature Session at the State Capitol