Global Studies

"In recent years, we have seen a major shift towards a globalized workforce. The global studies degree program prepares students to live, work and communicate with people from around the globe."

— Dr. Mark Hall, Dean of the College of Arts and Cultural Studies

For those with a passion for a specific region of the world, Global Studies is an interdisciplinary degree program for students who desire to focus their studies in an area of geographic interest including Latin America, the Middle East or Asia. In preparation for the global workforce, students develop skills needed to thrive, form relationships and pursue careers in other cultures while simultaneously gaining an understanding of cultural differences impacting the dynamics of living and working in a global environment. To accomplish this, students engage in classes across disciplines and minor in a language minor connected to their region of study-Modern Hebrew, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese.

Strengths of the program include the following:

  • Equipping for engagement in the global marketplace
  • Specializing in a region of interest
  • Gaining practical international experiences


General Education: 56 hours

Major Courses:  30 hours

  • Comparative Government
  • International Relations
  • Political Science Research Methods
  • Global Perspectives on the Modern World
  • Department Internship/Practicum
  • Global Issues
  • Department Senior Paper

Concentration:  9 hours
A Concentration must be earned in one of the three following areas:

  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Latin American Studies

Modern Language Minor: 18 hours

Electives:  7 hours

Degree Total: 120 hours (minimum)


Career Opportunities

Graduates will pursue careers and work in the globalized world to:

  • Develop businesses
  • Create effective policies
  • Manage non-governmental organizations
  • Grow ministries

Degree Plan

For more information,
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