Bachelor of Arts Degree

Program Overview

Conversing fluently, communicating effectively and problem solving in diverse cultures, professions and social settings in spoken and written languages other than English are the objectives of the modern language department at ORU. In each foreign language course offered by the department, students develop their foreign language linguistic skills and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the history and culture of the people who speak that language. At all stages of their study, students are encouraged to develop ways to apply their commitment to Jesus Christ to the situations of the people whose language they are studying.

All foreign language majors are encouraged to participate in a study-abroad program during their sophomore or junior year. Study abroad courses offer exciting opportunities to gain valuable cultural insights as well as earn academic language credit.

Research has proven that the study of a foreign language enhances and increases facility with one's own native language as well as one's overall cognitive skills. Modern language majors at ORU are no exception and typically are outgoing, great communicators and possess increased cognitive flexibility. The English and Modern Language Department also offers a Professional Education Concentration for those wishing to teach middle or high school. 

Professional Education concentration

The Professional Education concentration is designed to equip students to earn teacher certification and teach French in private and public elementary, middle or high schools. This meets the State of Oklahoma's requirements for a teaching license. Classes examine Biblical principles of teaching as well as provide concepts needed for language learning, instruction and the historical background of the teaching of modern language. Students participate in discussions on foreign language in the elementary school, immersion programs and present issues concerning high school programs.


Language Lab and Cultural Center (LLCC)

The Language Lab and Cultural Center hosts foreign language learning resources and equipment including computers, books, magazines, movies, and other resources to aid students in their language learning. Lab assistants, proficient in the languages offered at ORU, are also available for tutoring and to practice the target language in conversation. Students can also work on a variety of activities in groups. The resources available at the LLCC are instrumental in developing language fluency.

Student Societies, Clubs and Extracurricular opportunities

French Club

Members of the French Club bring the French culture to the ORU campus through a variety of activities, including French movie night, crêpe making, French Bible studies, and more. 

French Honor Society - Pi Delta Phi
The French Honor Society recognizes students who demonstrate scholarship in French. The membership is composed of students and professors who are distinguished in the study of French and have demonstrated a passion for the French language and francophone cultures.


The skill of foreign language fluency provides increased marketability and increases potential salary in the global business world.  With a major in French you can look forward to careers in:

  • International and global businesses
  • The travel industry as agents and representatives
  • Missions around the world
  • Government agencies
  • Translation services
  • Foreign news as interpreters and analysts
  • Foreign Service as librarians, teachers and professors
  • Armed Forces linguists
Course Offerings
  • Intermediate French
  • Phonetics and Conversation
  • French Composition
  • Survey of French Literature
  • French Electives

Degree Plan

Degree in Three