Translation and Interpreting



As our society becomes increasingly globalized, the need for qualified translators and interpreters is on the rise. The growth of world trade, broadening international ties and an even more diverse U.S. population has created a greater need for skilled translation professionals. In fact the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects jobs in translation and interpreting to grow by 29% between now and 2024.

For students with strong foreign language skills, the Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Interpreting is designed to prepare individuals for work in government, business, industry, NGO's and faith-based organizations; to work in translation agencies or as freelance translators; or as preparation for graduate programs in translation and interpretation. Students will be introduced to the basics of translation theory, moral and ethical considerations, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting as well as the "tools of the trade." Students will have opportunity to apply their skills in service learning within the community and in other real-world scenarios.

To be a successful interpreter or translator requires a broad range of knowledge in many subjects, and a strong liberal arts education is essential. Therefore, students are encouraged to take elective courses in a wide variety of subjects. Students seeking a career as professional translators or interpreters will want to build a solid foundation and match standard international requirements, which often consist of three operational languages. As a result, it is strongly recommended that students pursue a minor in another language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Modern Hebrew, or Spanish).

"Fastest Growing Occupations: Occupational Outlook Handbook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics."

  • Phonetics and Conversation
  • Spanish or French Composition
  • Business Spanish or French
  • Introduction to Translation and Interpreting
  • Intermediate and Advanced Translation
  • Intermediate and Advanced Interpreting

Degree Plan


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