English & Modern Languages

Roman Stadium in Arles, France

The ability to communicate well is a skill that is highly valued across a wide range of careers and academic pursuits. When you earn a bachelor degree in English literature,  writing, or English education, you gain skills you can use as a professional writer, editor, publisher, or teacher. Graduates have successful careers in public relations, journalism, advertising, government service, and business or undertake graduate work in areas such as law, library science, literature, education, or theology.

 Proficiency in a modern foreign language can prepare you to communicate across cultural and national barriers. A major or minor in Spanish, French, or Modern Hebrew can be used for careers in business, government, education, entertainment, media, ministry, and non-profit work. Not only can you develop oral proficiency in a foreign language, but you'll also broaden your knowledge of the literature written in that language and the culture of those who speak it. New in 2014 is Mandarin Chinese, which can meet the foreign language requirement for B.A. degrees.



A few special features of our programs include the following:

  • Study abroad for a semester or a year, perhaps at Oxford, Cambridge, or in Spain or France.
  • Spend time with others students studying the same foreign language through joining a club.
  • Enroll in specialty courses such as C.S. Lewis and the Inklings, Early Christian Literature, Multicultural Literature, and American Nature Writing.
  • Attend workshops and readings by professional poets and fiction writers and participate in annual literary workshops and events.
  • Publish in the literary journal Promethia and/or present your work at local poetry readings.
  • Minister to others as you develop your foreign language skills by participating in a local internship program.
  • Participate in the annual Walden Weekend, an opportunity to commune with nature and focus on writing and literature.