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"The ORU Dance Program is a place where people interface with their passion for dance and their passion for faith. What comes out of this is the next generation of voices. My hope is that these voices are ones of honesty and authenticity that tell the stories of their lives. My hope is that these voices are ones who feel safe; to be able to be raw and vulnerable and share the depths of life without fear of fitting into the world's standards and categories. This requires superseding any obstacles for the sake of living openly. My hope is that these voices seek to serve their community through their art/life integration. My hope is that these voices continue to find others to connect with, learn from, and grow with so that they can be lifelong learners and never settle to have arrived." Amy Roark-McIntosh, Founding Director of Dance

Dance Major Program Overview

ORU offers a Bachelor of Arts in Dance with Three Concentration options. Each excellent concentration helps to specify your career path in the future. The BA in Dance concentrations enable undergraduate students to realize their professional and artistic goals as well as gain practical dance experience.

Please see below table for more information on each concentration:

Dance: Performance

The Dance: Performance concentration seeks to train dancers in body, mind and spirit for technical, academic and artistic excellence. Art and faith are blended to empower artists for graduate studies, as well as dance careers ranging from dance performance, choreography, and education to ministry and more. We are committed to helping artists discover their artistic voices and go into every man’s world as dancers who embody the spirit of the Lord, vessels of Truth, who go forth with light in the midst of darkness.

For more details on the Dance Performance Concentration CLICK HERE.

Dance: Management

The Dance: Management degree concentration trains students in body, mind and spirit for technical, academic and artistic excellence in the field of dance with an emphasis on management applied to the arts.  The student will gain competencies that will allow them to excel in dance, the various facets of performing arts management and dance pedagogy, in addition to preparing them for graduate studies.

For more details on the Dance Performance Concentration CLICK HERE.

Dance: Pre-Movement Therapy

The Dance: Pre-Movement Therapy concentration is a pre-professional degree that trains students in body, mind and spirit for technical, academic and artistic excellence in the field of dance.  With a focus on modern dance, creative expression and psychology, the students will gain the tools necessary to prepare them for graduate studies in the field of dance-movement therapy. To become a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT), education must be completed through the master’s degree level.

For more details on the Dance Pre-Movement Therapy Concentration CLICK HERE. 

Dance Minor Program Overview

ORU also offers a minor in dance.  Minors must also audition for acceptance into the program.  For more details and class requirements, check out our Dance Minor Degree Plan HERE

At ORU Dance students will experience
  • Dance technique classes including: ballet, modern dance and dance forms (pointe, hip hop, jazz, tap, world dance and partnering)
  • Improvisation and Choreography
  • Performance experience by audition for the ORU dance ensemble concerts and musicals
  • Dance for Worship
  • Dance Performance Management
  • Dance Pedagogy
  • Dance History
  • Classes in Anatomy and Physiology
  • Senior Performance
  • Special sessions with guest artists and choreographers


With a dance performance degree you can look forward to a career as a:

  • Professional dancer
  • Professional choreographer
  • Dance company director
  • Dance teacher
  • Dance administrator
  • Dance for worship practitioner
  • Dance science and somatics practitioner
  • Dance fitness instructor
  • Dance historian and researcher
  • Movement analyst
  • Dance therapist
  • Dance writer and critic
  • Arts in the community developer


Performance Opportunities

The ORU Dance program produces two dance concerts per academic year.  In addition, students have performance opportunities with ORU’s annual Christmas Concert, musicals and student choreography showcases.

For updated information on our Performances find us on our ORU Dance social media: 

Current Student and Alumni Opportunities

Students who study dance at ORU will obtain the necessary skills to equip them for success in a range of dance careers. Students participate in national auditions and have gained graduate school or professional studies placement at New York University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Lesley University and Jose Limon Dance Company. In addition, our students have gone on to perform with Inlet Dance Theatre, Redlands Dance Theatre, Instruments Ballet Company, Tulsa Opera, Tulsa Modern Movement, Living Water Dance Collective and many others.


Admission to the dance program requires that you audition for the dance program and apply to the University. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the university by the Admissions Office and of their acceptance as a dance major by the Dance Program. Dance auditions will be held October 4, 2019 and October 6, 2020 from 1-3 p.m. All auditions will be held in the Howard Dance Studio. Download a copy of the dance application and apply online. 


In addition to merit scholarships, Talent Awards ranging from $500 - $2000 per year are available to dance majors who audition for the program by Spring College Weekend. You must be accepted both to ORU and have auditioned and been accepted to the ORU dance program by the deadline. The number of scholarships is limited and based on dance talent. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the university by the Admissions Office. They will be notified of acceptance as a dance major by the Dance Department. Download a copy of the dance application or apply online. If you will be attending a Quest Whole Person Scholarship Day or College Weekend, you can audition there, please click here to request an audition time.

Degree Plans

Current degree plan for this major is available for download.



ACDA is a nationally recognized conference that gives our students a platform to have their choreographic research adjudicated by internationally renowned artists and to network with other dance professionals through workshops and concerts. Each year a select group of outstanding dance performance students are selected to attend the conference, "going into every man's world." Our students come away with invaluable experiences that help prepare them to be fully equipped professionals in their field. Yearly, the expense of the trip averages $3,600 to cover registration fees, hotel and travel for our dancers to attend.Click here to donate here to help our program attend the American College Dance Association’s annual festival!



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