Center for Israel & Middle Eastern Studies Faculty

Dr. John Swails

Dr. John Swails was born to a family of teachers. His father was a college instructor, as well as serving as a local pastor.  His mother taught elementary and middle school for many years.  No doubt their influence and lifelong background in education had much to do with his becoming a teacher.

Dr. Swails received an M.A. from Brandeis University and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Georgia.  He also studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  In response to his love for Israel and the Bible, his own education focused initially on the Ancient Near East and the study of a variety of ancient languages and texts.  Later he would finish his Ph.D. in the Modern Middle East.  His present focus is the history of the modern Middle East and the impact of Radical Islam.

Dr. Swails began his career at Oral Roberts University in August of 1993 and had a critical role in the foundation of modern archaeology in the Middle East and the decipherment of the Akkadian language.

Dr. Swails became Director of the Center for Israel and the Middle East in the spring of 2008. He has taught courses and given speeches in a wide variety of venues. He has written and published several articles nationally and published a book on the Middle East.

Dr. Swails is unapologetic in his support and enthusiasm for Israel. He has spent the past forty years studying and teaching on the Middle East. His knowledge is vast and his ability to convey the information to the student is not only impressive, it is enjoyable. He and his wife, Joy, have five children, two boys and three girls.  Their youngest son, Joel, was born in Jerusalem.  Four of their children have attended ORU.

Dr. Lenore Mullican

Professor Lenore Mullican began teaching Modern Hebrew at Oral Roberts University in 1989. She is the daughter of former Jerusalem pastor, the late Dr. Robert L. and Margaret Lindsey. Professor Mullican was reared in Israel and speaks fluent Hebrew. She holds a BS in Nursing from the University of Oklahoma, an MA in Biblical Literature and an MA in Advanced Biblical Languages, both from Oral Roberts University. She has taught Modern Hebrew at Oral Roberts University as Assistant Professor of Modern Languages since 1989. She is readily available to all students. She enjoys mentoring not only in matters of language, but also in other areas of concern to her students including their walk with the Lord. For example, she hosts a weekly informal meeting at a local coffee shop for current and former students who enjoy reading and speaking Modern Hebrew and reading Biblical texts in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic.


Dr. Brad Young

Dr. Brad H. Young is the founder and President of the Gospel Research Foundation and Hebrew Heritage Bible Society. He received a BA from ORU and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. Dr. Young is a member of the faculty of the Graduate School of Theology at ORU serving as Professor of Judaic-Christian Studies since 1987.

Having lived, studied, and taught in Jerusalem ten years, Dr. Young is uniquely qualified in his approach. As an internationally recognized authority on the life and teachings of Jesus, Dr. Young has had a remarkable impact on listeners from around the world. Dr. Young has a broad appeal to those who are aiming for academic careers as well as those who are preparing for ministry in the church. Lay people and academics alike discover a fresh perspective about Jesus from Dr. Young's teachings. Whether through writing, teaching or public speaking, Dr. Young's message always enlightens, stimulates, and stretches his audiences.

Felipe Ornelas

Professor Felipe Ornelas has a commitment to educating people on the global political and spiritual importance of the nation of Israel. He has made several trips to AIPAC with students, co-led trips to Israel representing ORU, and introduced our students to the promised land. He actively advances the Middle East minor at ORU on the undergraduate level. Every semester he lectures and guides hundreds of ORU students in his general education classes to a greater understanding of the importance of standing resolutely behind our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel.