Academic Excellence

Faculty and Academics at the Highest Level

With nearly 70 percent of our faculty holding terminal degrees in their field, ORU ranks among America's top universities.  Many of ORU's faculty trained at Yale, Harvard, Purdue and other top-rated universities.  In addition, their real world experience encompasses employment at such well-known and respected companies as NASA, Microsoft, EDS, PricewaterhouseCoopers and many more such organizations.

Professors are at ORU because they love the Lord and they love teaching.  Though our faculty undertakes research projects that students often become involved with, the university is first and foremost a teaching university.  You can count on receiving lots of individual attention and mentoring from these exceptional professors because classes are kept small to allow maximum interaction and enhanced learning.  When you enroll at ORU, you can be confident you will gain an excellent education backed up by hands-on learning available through internships.