Board of Trustees

EKO NUGROHO, MBA (1991, 1993-MBA)

Eko Nugroho, a native of Yogyakarta, Indonesia holds the B.S. degree in Management Information Systems (1991) and the M.B.A. degree in International Marketing (1993), both from Oral Roberts University.

In 1996 Eko began the multimedia production, ANAK TERANG INDONESIA producing a variety of Christian Media for children, ranging from books, a daily devotional, video games, computer programs, audio stories, music, VCDs, and the first animated Bible story in Indonesia.

In 2002 he produced World Explorer Trio, a film honored with the MURI award as the first in Indonesia to use actors along with animated puppets. In 2003 he entered the world of television with the production of the World Explorer Game Show aired on TV7, a national Indonesian station.

In 2004 he opened DREAMLIGHT STUDIOS, a production house with the vision to produce high value television programs. Since it began, Dreamlight has produced more than forty different programs with over 2200 episodes receiving awards and excellent ratings. In conjunction with the Indonesian Department of Education and local television, he has also produced hundreds of educational episodes like Matematika Mania (Math Mania), Fun with English, Final KIHAJAR, Game FX, Recycle Squad, and HarusNonton! (You Have to Watch!).

In 2005 and 2006 Dreamlight received the Panasonic Award for producing the most popular reality show in Indonesia and became the first production house in Indonesia to produce a daily program, Family Game Show. In 2007 he worked with a team to develop a new TV Network in Indonesia comprised of 15 local stations throughout the nation.

In 2008 Eko began to focus on global media outreach through production of documentaries, animated programs and reality shows for other countries through DREAMLIGHT WORLD MEDIA and DREAMTOON. In 2009 DREAMLIGHT WORLD MEDIA produced RumahHadiah (The Gift of a House), the first reality show in the world to present participants with the gift of a home in each weekly episode. In 2010, ANCOL DREAMLIGHT STUDIOS was formed in conjunction with the biggest theme park in Indonesia, Dufan Ancol. This animation studio is projected to be the largest in Indonesia with international projects.

Currently DREAMLIGHT WORLD MEDIA has four production facilities located in Ungaran, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta with a representative office in Hollywood, California.

In 2011 the process began to open a media school, DREAMLIGHT WORLD MEDIA ACADEMY, with international standards to educate and prepare future media creators, producers and broadcasters.

Eko is married to Leila TanbunaanImanto and has two children, a son and daughter, a current ORU student. Ten family members are alumni of ORU.